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Who We Are

The Mid America Cooperative Council, Inc. (MACC) is a multi-state, non-profit trade association founded in January 2003, by a group of like-minded individuals. These individuals understood the impact cooperative principles have on the sustainability of co-ops, yet they began to see a widespread erosion of co-op knowledge among co-op communities.  All sectors of cooperatives were engaged in establishing MACC.  The founders also wanted to address the lack of unique co-op educational resources available in the Midwestern region. Members co-aligned and co-created MACC. MACC members are located in the Heart of Mid America – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

Learn more about MACC’s mission and activities in our 2023 Year in Review!

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Our Purpose

  1. To provide education and training to strengthen the foundation of our member cooperatives and assist them in meeting their goals.

  2. To enlighten external audiences about the viability of our unique cooperative business model.

Our Mission & Vision

The Council’s mission is to promote, foster and enhance the values of cooperatives. The Council believes that cooperatives are member-driven businesses serving people in all sectors of society.

Our Values

To serve as an association of businesses whose operations are based on the seven cooperative principles.

To support members in:

  1. Growing the individuals who are engaged in their co-op

  2. Managing financial sustainability, member equity and patronage

  3. Maintaining sustainability of resources

Click the image above to view the latest MACC Year-in-Review

Our Leadership

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