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Cooperative Education: Strengthening Cooperatives by Developing their Most Valued Resource

MACC promotes, fosters, and enhances the values of cooperatives through education and training – or Co-op Principle 5!  From online trainings and roundtables to individualized in-person programs, our goal is for attendees of MACC education programs to be better prepared to join, work for, or lead a cooperative.


MACC programming is dynamic in an effort to meet members’ changing needs. However, some programs are regular offerings for new co-op team members, emerging leaders, and anyone interested in the cooperative business model!

New Co-op Employees and Leaders

Welcome to Co-ops 
This training introduces participants to the co-op business model and co-op principles, the value of co-ops and the history of co-ops in the U.S., and most importantly, the rights andresponsibilities of co-op member-owners and employees as co-op ambassadors.

Welcome to the Board
Preparing participants for an active role on their co-op board, Welcome to the Board introduces participants to the co-op board’s role, the legal responsibilities of directors, and the crucial skills that directors use as they lead their co-op. 

Emerging Co-op Leaders

Building Your Goverance Toolbox 
Designed for experienced directors who want to grow their leadership skills, trainings engage subject matter experts to help directors develop their governance “tool kit” to more effectively lead their cooperatives.

Seasoned Co-op Leaders and Professionals

Board Chair Roundtable
This annual roundtable allows board leaders to learn from and network with co-op leaders across Mid America. In 2021, leaders learned from the realworld experiences of a retired co-op board chair and a retired co-op CEO.

General Co-op Community

Cooperative Roundtables
Engaging diverse experts from across the country, online roundtables are opportunities for all co-op community members to learn about current issues and trends impacting cooperatives.


MACC’s programming is hosted by The Ohio State University CFAES Center for Cooperatives. To learn more or to schedule a training, contact the CFAES Center for Cooperatives at

Want to offer a training to your team on your schedule or with a special focus on your cooperative? Contact the team at the CFAES Center for Cooperatives at The Ohio State University to learn more about individualized or on-site for MACC members. 

“The “Welcome to Co-ops” course is a valuable part of our new employee onboarding program. In addition to teaching the history of the cooperative model, it explores why the model is still relevant today. Our employees come away knowing the cooperative principles and value the cooperative model adds to our members.”

Steven McCartney

Manager of Learning and Tecnology Solutions for AgCredit, ACA

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